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LintasGPS is tracker provider, monitoring application and server, based GPS (Global Positioning System ) technology as well as GSM/GPRS, to serve the needs of track and monitor assets / vehicles / people
LintasGPS Features

Real Time GPS Tracking

Real-Time Monitoring

Real time conditions allow you to monitor all accurate information provided by tracker, at that moment

Complete Information

Data such as location, route, speed and the vehicle's status, as well as POI (Point of Interest), presented in an easy-to-read map

Track Record

Travel route, events, notifications and alarms related to your vehicle, summarized in the history and report systematically

Movement Restriction

The system will automatically provide notification, whenever and wherever the vehicle exit or enter the boundary area

Multi Tracker

Only with one account, you can use it to monitor a lot of tracker device in one time

Smartphone Application.

LintasGPS monitoring application for Android-based smartphones, Apple and BlackBerry, can be downloaded for free on the Mobile Apps market each provider

See The Easiness

Play the Video and see how easy it is to monitor and track using LintasGPS service


WHY LintasGPS ?

Reliable and Trusted

LintasGPS services have crossed the multi-segment users: personal, government agencies and many private companies in various fields of business


The combination of Cloud technologies with unlimited storage and bandwidth, allowing our monitoring application can be accessed at anytime


Access Monitoring is available in multiple methods, through personal computers and smartphones

The Leading GSM Provider

LintasGPS supported by leading GSM provider in Indonesia, with a considerable number of BTS ( Base Tower Stations ), so that the satellite signal and GPRS relatively stable

Special Services

With oriented on the needs of customers, we serve the additional features on demand, to support the advancement of your business

Customer Support

Customer support and our experts are always ready to help provide solutions to any customer problems, either via e-mail, live chat and phone

Contact Us for Subscription Here:

Phone : +62 81232769000
E-mail : info@lintasgps.com

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