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LintasGPS FGD at Telkomsel Grapari Malang

Simetri supported by Telkomsel Malang held LintasGPS FGD which was attended by travel and rental agents all over malang. Here, LintasGPS with Telkomsel socialize reservation online and tracker system. All participant get free sub domain for this special and unique system. And at the end of this event almost all participant get dooprize.

MCC Officially Launched

Today, MCC (Makota Command Center) has been officially launched and widely published. SIMETRI involved into the project to maintenance GPS devices tracker, and produce Crime Mapping.

GPSMobile Polres Malang Kota

Another GPS and Map based application, gpsmobile is a web application for monitoring movement and status of vessel. We’re using attached GPS device on vessel that submit data to our server and compile it into a readable and friendly user interface application.

Crimemap Polresta Malang

Crimemap is another creative inovation from SIMETRI, is a webapps for mapping crime information, and has been implemented on Malang Police Departement. The technology used is PHP and ExtJS.