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Frequently asked questions dan tutorial LintasGPS.

Tutorial LintasGPS

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Download the tutorial document lintasGPS



Download the tutorial document rental lintasGPS


Frequently Asked Questions

This system was developed by the United States Department of Defense, the full name is NAVSTAR GPS satellite is taken care of by a set of 50th Space Wing, United States Air Force. The cost of system maintenance is about $ 750 million per year, including the replacement of old satellites, and research and development.

Global Pemosisi system (Global Positioning System (GPS)) is a system to determine the location on the earth's surface with the help of alignment (synchronization) satellite signals. This system uses 24 satellites that transmit microwave signals to Earth. This signal is received by a receiver on the surface, and used to determine the location, speed, direction, and time. System similar to GPS, among others, the Russian GLONASS, Galileo European Union, IRNSS India.

GPS Tracker or often referred to as GPS Tracking is a technology AVL (Automated Vehicle Locater) that allows users to track the position of a vehicle, or fleet car in the state of Real-Time. GPS Tracking technology utilizes a combination of GSM and GPS to determine the coordinates of an object, and then translate it in the form of digital maps.

The system uses a number of satellites that are in orbit of the earth, which transmits the signal to earth and captured by a receiver. There are three important parts of this system, namely the control, the sky, and the part of the user.

Accuracy or precision of a concern for determining the coordinates of a point / location. This position coordinates will always have 'error factor', which is better known as the 'degree of accuracy'. For example, the tool shows the coordinates of a point with an accuracy of 3 meters, meaning that the actual position could be anywhere within a radius of 3 meters from point coordinates (location) of the. The smaller the rate of accuracy (higher accuracy means), then the position of the tool would be more appropriate. Price tool will also increase along with the increase in the level of accuracy that can be achieved.