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LintasGPS is gps tracking for car, bikes, android, blackberry and iPhone. LintasGPS tracker is affordable, efficient and capable of remote shutdown your car using SMS.

Download our GPS tracker monitoring application for your blackberry, android and iPhone for mobile monitoring.


We accept both corporate and personal installation. Our notable features:

  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Position History record
  • GPS Tracking from your Blackberry,iPhone and Android
  • GPS Geofence alert
  • Multi device, you can monitor multiple GPS tracker at the same time


Download Blackberry, iPhone and Android LintasGPS application:

24 hour support

Malang Indonesia

+62 341 985 2828
+62 813 30 40 8000
+62 812 32 76 9000

Balikpapan Indonesia

+62 8225 3333 003

Virginia United State of America

+1 571 278 0743
+1 804 360 2634


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Tutorial Lintas GPS

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LintasGPS FGD at Telkomsel Grapari Malang

Simetri supported by Telkomsel Malang held LintasGPS FGD which was attended by travel and rental agents all over malang. Here, LintasGPS with Telkomsel socialize reservation online and tracker system. All participant get free sub domain for this special and unique system. And at the end of this event almost all participant get dooprize.